DeCom Ltd

Sawing and wood-work.

Decom Company ltd is being business-operator  and recipient   of “Siberian Forest Company Ltd”. since 2009,which was founded in 2002. Decom Company  includes sawing workshop: ribbon machines, edge sawing machines, multi –saw and slab bench machine, a modern European   dehumidification  complex includes nine drying cells. One-time loading  of the siccative complex is 2000 cubic meters  lumber, planed profiles workshop equipped with  modern bench  machines WEINIG, sharpening  tools VOLMER, parquet production line. Decom Company has it’s own dead-end siding ,furnace room works on waste timber products.

Decom Company Ltd production list:

  1. edge-surfaced timber ( gov.standart  26002-83);
  2. planed profiles timber production made of massive and adnated  domestic  manufactured wood stock materials (terrace plank, deal board, floor  plank, massive parquet and etc.)

Areas of activities:

Timber sawing and runoffplaned profiles lumber. For yielding production is used coniferous lumber, mainlySiberian larch, pine, cider, birch and asp in a small quantities.

Runoff amount:

  • dehumidificational cells contains volume nearly 3000 cubic meters raw timber at once, planed profiles production is reaching up to 2000 cubic meters.

The plans of development of ourmanufacture are: capital modernization of sawing line, runoff production quality improvement, rising up the amount of runoff lumber and planed profiles lumber.

Ecology and trade:

Our manufacture provides rational usage of timber resourcesbased on complex processing.

Decom Company Ltd is FSC – accredited contestant of timberusage, as the raw material we use only ecologically clear timber from Eastern Siberia, which is highly density, best quality and wonderful texture. Manufacture project is based on imported and domestically produced gear.

This factors allow our manufacture produce preplanned amount and quality production.

We export our timberto European, Asian, Middle Easternand Russian trading.

Our production is in favor in building, furniture, joining and another manufactures, production is competitive at world and domestic trade.

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Loader’s renewalpark 11 January 2013.

In contextof invest projectaccepted02 may 2012 for Decom Company Ltd. using railways a new frontal loaderVOLVO L90F.

04 October 2012 : siccative complexis beingassembled.

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